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$350million/Plus Funding


Worldwide 100% Project Funding Leveraged JV Finance Solution

How our Worldwide 100% Project Funding Leveraged JV Finance Solution works...

ZMG will consider 100% funding of qualified projects on a joint venture basis (short term) on projects requiring a funding minimum of $350 million USD

Client must have complete business plan with pro forma projections and feasibility studies suitable for bank purposes.

Client will also have bank relations sufficient to obtain a line of credit where our funding provides the full, cash backed bank guarantee, bank to bank, for 108% of the line of credit to pay all interest and bank fees thus providing full security for the lending bank. BG will be issued by an AA rated Western European bank.

Bottom Line:

*Client has the benefit of getting the Bank Guarantee for 108% of full funding amount of the project at no cost to him.

*The line of credit is paid at term by BG provider and BG is returned to provider, uncashed at the term of the agreement.

*At the end of year #1 client has full funding for the project with no debt and only a 50% JV partner.

*At the end of year #2 JV partner is bought out with the proceeds of the funding mechanism and client has 100% equity with no debt.

*The integrity of the arrangement is assured by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Large Scale Funding!

Thank You                                                                                                                                                                                             Steve Espinosa